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Iridescent Studio Glass, signed. ID = Sean O'Donoghue, Australia

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Any idea what this signature is and who made it?

It seems to say 'Gozo', but it is a design that I have not seen from them before. Maybe I am misreading it.

I have a small stopperless Gozo PB, with paper label, I suspect the mark is under that, because a bit sticks out, and a fully flat polished base that looks a little bit like the vase shown.

But the strapping is far more random. The base colour is a royal blue enamel over clear glass.
This vase shown looks more like Phoenician, to me. I'm never really sure with Gozo.  ???

It's similar to Rindskopf "Amethyst Loop".

It is by the Australian glass artist Sean O'Donoghue. A google search will reveal others like it. His signature is quite variable, so don't expect to find an exact match for that.



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