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Author Topic: Lloyd and Summerfield - their stained glass and other information  (Read 124 times)

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Following some discussion on another thread about Lloyd and Summerfield, there is very little information on the board on this company.

I've looked through Charles Hajdamach's British Glass 1800-1914 and there isn't much info in there either.
So I thought we might add any information we find to this thread.

1) Source: Birmingham and the Midland Hardware District (first published 1866)
- Page 525 of this book link below (apologies mods, I've forgotten again how to short cut and this time I can't add photograph of info either as on a new laptop and no camera)
says that at that time of writing Lloyd and Summerfield had been making stained glass for the thirty years.

- Additional info page 527 says:
Isaac Hawker started a small glass workshop in 1777 in 14 Edgbaston Street. 
This was extended by his son who built the works at Birmingham Heath (I think this might be Park Glasshouse) and at the time of that report writing it says this was now being carried on by Dr. Lloyds (Lloyd and Summerfield).
Note: Other information I've found a snippet of in The Journal of Glass Studies seems to say Isaac died in 1792 and his son was called John.


2) This information (source Revolutionary Players) says that as of 1808 the Park Glass House in Birmingham Heath was owned by Biddle and Lloyd.  It shows a picture of the John Hawker Park Glass House
as well :)

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Re: Lloyd and Summerfield - their stained glass and other information
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2021, 09:37:20 AM »
I think the Park Glasshouse owned by Biddle and Lloyd, was  a David Lloyd.
I think George Lloyd came after (question David's son?)
And then later still Henry John Lloyd went into partnership with his father, George Lloyd

Neil has added this information on another thread:

'George Lloyd married Rachel Biddle. John Biddle ran a glassworks at Birmingham Heath on the Dudley Road (wherever that was 200 years ago). Biddle partnered with Summerfield to form Biddle & Summerfield (Thomas Summerfield being his nephew). In later years it became Lloyd & Summerfield and eventually closed in the 1870s'


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