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Please help me try to identify the maker of this vase? ID = Whitefriars



I have this vase or flower pot item that I am attempting to find the maker of. It's about 8 1/2 inches high with a folded over rim. There is a polished pontil mark on the bottom and a faintly acid etched inside of the pontil mark are the words "Made in England". I'm not sure what type of glass this is, but it has a long resounding tone when it is tapped lightly.



Any help would gladly be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for looking at it.


nigel benson:

I haven't checked the message board for some considerable time, but Adam mentioned something that I thought I ought to check out - so here I am.

I came across this entry.

The vase is Powell (Whitefriars) Pattern Number 9168 in the 1938 catalogue and produced in 5 sizes 4", 5 1/2", 6", 7" and 8 1/2" diameter.

Hope this helps, Nigel Benson

Good day Nigel,

I haven't been back to check on this for some time and while I do get email notices about the other threads I have posted to here;  I haven't received any regarding this thread when Steve and yourself posted, so I pretty much gave up on it.

Thank you very much for the Powell (Whitefriars) information. I have collected mainly American made glass for many years and have become somewhat bored with it. Because of this site I have gained an interest in Monart and Ysart glass, which I am lucky is easy to find where I live for some odd reason. I will now add Powell (Whitefriars) to my list and if you ever get stuck with some American made glass item you can not find an identification for;  feel free to email me and I'll go through my data base and see what I can find for you.

I also want to say thank you very much to Steve for the Whitefriars link.



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