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Mystery set 138

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--- Quote from: NevB on May 07, 2022, 11:23:28 AM ---Do you think it could be related to this set by VMG Walther, the candlestick, ring holder and the design of the rim of the tray look similar. I can't find much about VMG, I assume it stands for Vereinigte (United) ....... Glas.

--- End quote ---

Yes, well spotted Nev!

There is an Amethyst/Purple/Lilac glass set on Etsy in this design, including a Tumble Up (Karafe/Carafe and Cup/Beaker) 3 different sized Perfume/Cologne Bottles with stoppers, a ring tree which match Eugenie's ring trees, a lidded pot which also matches Mystery 138, and a pin dish.The stoppered bottles look pretty unmistakable compared to the 1931 catalogue image. The candlestick from the the mystery page also matches the catalogue image.

Etsy Set:

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