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Mystery set 138

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I have a friend who is selling a tray that looks very much like the one in the photo of this set, but he has no other components from the set that he knows of. It's a very bright uranium green. Are the other peices in the photo a match or just a possible marriage. The photo is a touch unclear..  the tray and the ring tree - which is a definite match -is outstanding! Thx!

Hi Walden, until we find a catalogue image I can't be certain, but my gut feeling is that all the pieces go together. The lilac isn't a common colour in trinket sets either, so I'm pretty sure they all by the same maker, even if it does transpire that it's a "marriage" set.  Hope that helps. :)

Do you think it could be related to this set by VMG Walther, the candlestick, ring holder and the design of the rim of the tray look similar. I can't find much about VMG, I assume it stands for Vereinigte (United) ....... Glas.

Actually it's this. The colour chart is interesting. VMG was a sales association, Radeberg is mentioned.

Bernsdorf were also involved as shown by this page of their "Ilse" pattern.


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