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Orrefors Illegible Signature on Bowl

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I'm driving myself nuts trying to figure out the scrawl on this Steuben looking crystal bowl.  It is signed Orrefors with an impossible to read letter or letters ("MU" or "NU"?), followed by number which appears to read "3516/7."  Anyone out there know who designed this piece?
Edit:  Digging deeper into the internet, I think I've answered my own question - Nils Landberg.  Wondering the dates of production of this piece.  I know popular forms from the 1930s are still in production today.
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Bill G:
Your bowl was designed by Nils Landberg with the u meaning handmade.

It appears in the 1956 catalog. The number is NU 3516/2. There were four sizes in the series.

Thanks Bill.  Any thoughts on date of production?  I understand that many older designs remained in production for decades?

Bill G:
To my knowledge, this first came out in 1956.

Understood.  My question, though, is how long it remained in production.  The piece has base wear associated with age, but I'm interested to know if it's a circa 1950s piece, or whether it could be as recent as '70s, '80s, '90s...  They're  making today a few Simon Gate designs that date back to the 1930s.



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