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Green Jug -partial label


Good Afternoon All

Back from a forage around Geneva.  I picked this olive jug up with a partial label on it.  It's 7.8 inches (yes, I know you can't use a decimal point with imperial  :)) high and has lovely optical ribbing around the bowl part and a polished pontil. Strangely, it also has microscopic bits of dark green/black (soot perhaps?) included within the glass at certain points.

 The label is gold with silver script and I've tried to make out the country but can't. I'm pretty sure it doesn't say Italy but it would have to be another short name. Hmmmmmmm. Does anyone have any ideas?

As ever, much appreciated.  I must get all my stuff up on Glass Queries tonight.

Love to you all  :D

I can see the MADE IN but I cannot make out the where, Flick, sorry.  What might help make it come up clearer is to find a piece of thin paper and a very soft crayon, put the paper over the label and hold it in place or tape it temporariily so it won't move, then gently go over the label area with the crayon. Don't press or you'll flatten out the lettering - just gentle crayon strokes and the letters will come up darker than the surrounding label and you may be able to pick out what it says.

Thanks for your help Anne,  it does comes up as Italy in a very cursive script so I guess that's yet another Empoli for me!  If anyone can help me on the age I would be grateful.   :D

I agree with Empoli; colour and design both suggest 1970s.

I love Empoli glass even more than Murano now I know what I'm looking at/talking about.  I have the greatest admiration for this site and all who sails in her.


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