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Mdina bottle vase for show.

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My first one of these, 14 inches tall and I've even found space for it on a shelf !  ;D

Glad to see it here, I want John's opinion to bounce about with mine. :)
I thnk this is the first square bottle I have seen in browns with yellows. It doesn't seem to fit Earthtones and isn't quite Tortoiseshell.
I have seen this "loopy" way of executing a bottle in tricorns. The square profile and the "vibrated" maker's mark takes it to a period later than those though. But I still think it's kind of experimental (in a good way) and mid-later '70s.
It's a very unusual find, Keith. I am a bit jealous. ;D

Thanks Sue, wonder what John will say  ;D

I'm thinking closer to the mid '70s than later. I suspect it might be from an overlapping period, around the time Said took over.

Mostly gibberish....




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