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US legislation regarding items containing mercury


I saw this article in the Antiques Gazette - it is highlighting barometers, but I wondered about mercury glass - does anyone know if this is affected?

Antiques Gazette Article

Most so-called mercury glass is not made with mercury. The silvering process is similar to that used in making mirrors.

However, I would recommend that you don't describe it as mercury, because there is currently a huge mercury scare, similar to asbestos in the US  and it will probably reach us soon.

And as you know if you describe a colour on certain websites as ivory, you can get into deep water!


Oh, yes, indeed.  I did wonder if the "mercury" was more about the effect than the content, but as you say, better safe than sorry....

I have had a listing for antique ivory, attached to silver hallmarked 1897,  removed as I didn't have "documentary proof that the ivory was produced before 1947."

Well, excuse me, what is the hallmark about then???   :shock:

and did you know that you shouldn't list fantasy in an auction title anymore, regardless of what the item is, as if you get reported they can say that with this word you are`inciting a fetish??!!


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