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mdina crysal marble bowl

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thought people might like to see this bowl. put it on a facebook page and Pamela said identified it as a crysal marble design made for the greek market in high end stores. aprox 6 inches high 6 inches across. if anyone has more info on it would be very greatful

another view

It looks a bit more like a variation of "Crystal Blue Stripe" than Marble to me. Marble has dullish browns in it, the amber shades that appear in this are because of the way the silver has reacted with the glass and the difference between reflected and refracted light.
(You see the amber when light is coming through the glass from behind).
It's just not striped.  ;D
It probably dates to somewhere around the later '80s into the '90s on.
I don't know about the Greek market, I think things were made more for exporting to the German market around this time.

this is what Pamela Said replied.
Pamela Said
These items where produced for our Greek agentů so they where mainly sold in high end Shops in Greece. they are part of the marble range and the crysel blue stripe range.

ok, much, much later than my interest then, but still variations on the original designs.
When you said Pamela, I assumed Pamela Weissendorf. :)

"Marble", (a later variation of Tiger) still contains dull browns, while this looks, as I said like Crystal Blue Stripe colours and trailing, just not in vertical stripes.

Now I know later stuff got sent to Greece, thanks.
Did Pamela miss out the t of crystal?  :)


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