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Thomas Webb Wine glass ID = Lichfield


Boring one here I'm afraid.
Can anyone please identify this Thomas Webb wine glass pattern.
I purchased it in a Flea market thinking it was the same as others in my possession but the pattern is different. It has the Thomas Webb England acid etched stamp on base which dates it to the 1980's
Sorry about the grainy picture, I purchased a light box and lights on Friday so I hope my pictures will NOW improve.

Bryn (not Brian)

Hi Bryn,

Have a look on here and see if it helps,

It will also tell you what it "might" be worth! :wink:


Hi Barbara,

I did have a look at the site earlier and thought it might be WET 8 but as they only had a tumbler on show I could'n't be quite sure.

Many Thanks for your help.

Bryn (not Brian)

"It's a minefield out there!" :mrgreen:  :wink:  :D

Bryn, could it be Lichfield? Dead link
Try this one instead:
This site is useful for Thos Webb patterns:

Hi Anne,
Yes, I really think you are right on the mark. Brilliant!!
Thanks a bunch.

Bryn (not Brian)

"It's a minefield out there!" :mrgreen:  :wink:  :D


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