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flying free:
I've bought a set of 4 bowls which are all signed on the base with individual design numbers.
They are, I think, part of a set of at least 8 due to the numbers on mine. 
Can anyone help with any further information on these please?  design numbers are Or  L.1084 AL and then ranging up to 1090
I believe designed by Lindstrand and then engraved by Arne Lindahl and date to 1931.  However the info I find says Arne Lindahl was working for Orrefors from 1938?
I think they might have been designed with the 1932 Olympics in mind given the engravings on them.

Many thanks for any help.

M, as you know sorting out Orrefors codes are a challenge.
In the Swedish glass factories book the first time i can spot that design is in the 1935 catalogue (in time for the 1936 Olympics ?)
At the start of the numbers you posted Orrefors have Lx and then the number. (capital L and lower case x.)
There are 3 of your bowls illustrated.
Lx1086= running
Lx1088= weightlifting
Lx1091= football

In that range of numbers there are photos of what may be cylindrical cigarette holders?
These have sporting themes as well.
Hopefully that has been of some use.

flying free:
An absolutely massive help Tim.  Thank you.

Are there any tiny cylindrical glasses without the engraved figures on? or are they all with the engraved figures.

It's a little confusing yes , but mine have no small x on them just signed ' of L.1088. AL (Al.?)'  .  I'm saying AL however... the L does not look like the Lindstrand L and on the others it actually looks like ' Al. '  Also they don't look as though the signature has been engraved by the same hand.

So I need to investigate other engravers other than Arne Lindahl. Possibly an Al (or AI but the I is just engraved as a straight line).

I think that answer my query over Arne Lindahl working there from 1938 so too late to have engraved the bowls I thought.  But perhaps it might be that the 'signing person' signed 'Al.' with that straight line as an L?
I think the engraver initials are ' Al. ' .  If indeed that refers to the engraver because

looking through this list there is no engraver with those initials although it could be an L I suppose for Lindahl but that would be too late for 1932 and 1936 Olympics  :-\

flying free:
oh ok,I've just found the info about the dating,  it could be that is not engraver initials but is in fact 'A1.' written 'Al.'  and that refers to the date of 1935 which matches your date for them appearing in the catalogue.  Thank you Tim.
His work, ( along with Hald and Gate also) was part of the art competition in the 1932 and 1936 Olympics so that might make sense of the reason/theme for designing some soda glass bowls (a production design I mean, not that they were part of the art competition).

What was Orrefors Sandvik?  Was this a separate place where the soda glass items were produced?


flying free:
I have what looks like a figure skater.  Or L. 1085. A1 so they must have been for Winter Olympics as well.

I've checked through Fieldings and they have the shape of the bowl but with no engraving id'd as Simon Gate so I wonder if the bowl shape and black foot design dates earlier to the 1931 date I found in Miller's guide maybe but the ones with the engraved figures date to 1935 and were a Lindstrand design?


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