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Satin Art Nouveau style moulded vase - ID = VLG

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Could do with some help on this one. A moulded vase with a decoration of roses and leaves. Art Nouveau in style, if not period ( I assume 30s to 50s for this.).Made from a four part mould ( I's pretty well disguised) with a star cut base. Grey-blue satin glass. Britain, France or Czechoslovakia all seem prime ossibilities, but am not sure on maker. Did find another on an image search, but it was for a sold listing and the title  gave no indication of maker.
Any ideas? It does seem a good quality thing.

Paul S.:
Hi - it has a Joblinesque appearance, but assume you've looked through the Board's Jobling encyclopedia without luck?                     Another avenue you might try is Pamela's Wessendorf's

Hi Paul
Jobling was one of the names I thought of and  did do an image search. Don't think I've looked at your specific link though, do you mean the glassencyclopedia? There's only a couple of photos to see in that link.
Cheers Geraint.

Paul S.:
sorry for the confusion Geraint  -  me being over wordy  -  I meant the GMB illustrated list of Jobling glass.            I've also added Pamela's site to my suggestions - don't know if you've been there yet.

Not Jobling, but Iím sure Iíve seen this one before: Iím thinking VLG possibly. Iíll have a see what I can dig up...

Edited to add: Definitely VLG, found it on
VLG 1935 catalogue, page 45, Nr. 477


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