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Help Please to ID this Walther Looking Bowl - ID = Stolle Nieman

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I thought this was going to be a straight forward Walther bowl but cannot find it. I have checked a few other Glass works with no luck.
Sorry about picture quality.
I am sure I am missing an easy ID.
I bought it from a German couple who said it came from Germany.

Diameter 9"
Height 2.75"
Weight 822gm

Thanks Roy

Paul S.:
thinking out loud  -  how about Czechoslovakian  -  is it all moulded, or is any of that decoration cut Roy?

It looks all moulded to me Paul

This will be no help whatsoever....

The design has similarities with this vase but the vase is blown and cut rather than pressed, any similarity may of course be purely coincidental. As far as I know the maker of the vase is unknown and 'thought to be Czech' - according to a previous thread here on the GMB (which I can't find right now).


It also comes in pink, Roy, and the wonderful Pamela Wessendorf identified them as Stolle Nieman here -,47884.0.html


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