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Help identify my Art Glass Vase

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I have an interesting vase here with enameled Egyptian Winged Serpent Goddess, unsigned, smooth pontil 7.5" tall. Tried researching to no end. Any information to help identify would so nice :)

Hello Glass community, posted this a few days ago and see its getting pages views. Any ideas on this vase yet?? Maker, age? Bohemian Austrian, Czech, American??

flying free:
Hello and apologies for a late welcome to the board :)

That's a lovely vase.  I think you will need to match the shape to find a maker.  I have a somewhat similar shaped neck vase that I think might be Harrach however the polished (?) pontil mark and the finish of the rim on yours makes me think it could be another maker. Mine has a cut rim and the base is not as stylishly flattened in shape as yours.
The decor reminded me of that on a friend's vase - their vase is this shape - the decor is like this one but a little more similar to yours, in colour:

Sorry not to be more helpful.


Thank you for the welcome. I am glad someone responded. Any bit of info helps. That link really did have a similar decor. The cut/polished rim on mine is very nicely done and really was the second thing that caught my eye when I bought it. It could take quite some time to identify this vase if at all. I also think the other issue is that there are not a whole lot of Egyptian revival vases online to compare to. And of course is this Egyptian revival from the 1890's or the 1920's period. Hard for me to say. Also interesting that the maker decided to enamel a wajet or Uraeus onto it which seems very uncommon for revival motifs in that period. This one is really stumping me.

Sorry you thought you were being ignored - I did look but was stumped and decided to wait until somebody who knows more says something.
As we're at the point of suggestions, my initial reaction was that I associate this shape with being French. I may be completely wrong. ;D
Welcome!  :)


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