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Legras 3219 Russe Vase.

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I thought this might be by Welz but searching for something else I found it on P.2 of the 1898 Legras catalogue here.

The 20cm. size is correct as well as the colour as it says "these articles are made in each of the represented colours"

 ;D I'd have thought Weltz too.

Does Craig (Obscurities) know about this?

I couldn't find a Welz shape or decoration like it, but it fits exactly to the Legras design and there are others online with not the same but similar decoration, I believe it is Legras. I don't know if Craig is aware of it.

We'll have to try to remember to let him know. I'm sure he would be interested because it is so Weltzy.  ;D

rocco:,56728.0.html  :)


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