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candleholder, assistance with ID please - ID = Gullaskruf



Am slowly working through the bits of a random lot in a Swedish auction I won recently (in order to get a bit of Kosta Ernest Gordon).
For info, the first pic is the bit of Gordon.

So, the bit I'm interested in identifying is the large candleholder below in bluish glass - 17cm height, 14cm across and the top with a saddle cut and engraved line around the top.

Its signed P 524/9 and little wear, so I suspect last 20-30 years ?

Any thoughts ? (full disclosure, it'll probably end up on Ebay).


Just looking for something else when I came across this candleholder in "Scandinavian Ceramics and Glass in the 20th century"

so for the record, its made by Gullaskruf, designed by Arthur Percy 1953.


Well found Gareth, I'll update the topic to show the ID in the title.


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