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Caithness mark on orchid bowl


just got a caithness vase/bowl with a sandblasted orchid on the front, and its signed on the base in script " Ee or Ec orchid " anyone know who's initail's those are

thanks Ray

Hi Ray
Well you are inadvertantly helping me.
When I first read this I thought - "sandblasted ?"
Just yesterday I unpacked a 9"+ amethyst Caithness vase with a bird on it - which I had always assumed engraved - but it IS sandblasted.
Then I thought - well mine hasn't got any signature at all - and I checked - nothing - just as I was about to put it down I saw what looked like a scratch - and I got the magnifier out. I've had this vase for about 4 years and never noticed before...and just as I thought I was getting good at spotting signatures ! In the right light its as plain as day.

Mine says "Warbler" and underneath something which could be initals - in a very strange uneven script - hard to decypher - could be DL DR OL or OR  unless a number 02 !
Mine even has a very faint "stamp" - Caithne - the rest missing

I cant find any refs online to engravers and their initials on items and wondering if some other type of code ?

My Scottish Glassmakers page on Scottish Glassmakers contains at least one sand-blasting engraver at Caithness, search on page (Alt +F3) for sand.

Should you come across any name/initial matches on Scottish Glass, please let me know for adding to this page.

Apart from engraving you can also get interesting graduated effects as in these Lindean Mill graal cylinders. <--- Mod: Dead link

I believe sand-blasting with sand is illegal in the UK now - but other material can be used. Does anyone know why and what?

Hello, I recently aquired a Caithness ovoid vase with an owl on it, (Charity shop) underneath was clearly marked OWL 03. No Caithness though, but it couldn't be anything else. I don't know if it was sandblasted or etched, I'm not into this stuff much and it was a present for a friend who likes owls. :) Sue


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