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21" Glass Shark Roberto Moretti

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My grandfather has had this shark for ever and we where just wondering what its value is and if you could tell us anythign about it. He remembers one selling in Key West in 1982 for 25,000. He told me that its 1 of under 10 he believes. Its 21" long 8' tall" 6" wide. Thanks.

Laura Friedman:
Is the shark signed?  I think it's one of the Moretti sharks that was made for Pilgrim glass from New York. You can find out more information here:
I think your shark is shown on the right side of the page.

More info:

I am unsure about value, but know that these Moretti Pilgrim animals are somewhat rare and collectible, if only to a small group of collectors.  However, I think you'd need to knock a few zeros off your quote of $25,000.


Nice to see a shark that actually looks like a shark. The modelling looks nice quality and a great size, but I'm with Laura price wise $25,000 seems way too heavy.

Yes it is signed. I believe one of the pics i posted shows it. The shark in the pictuer on that site is smaller and not shaped the same. The shark i have even had ribs and such down the side and gills. For all i know 25,000 is way off i have no idea but any help would be greatly appreciated.



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