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21" Glass Shark Roberto Moretti

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If 10 or less were made then it's unlikely that there will be much in the way of pricing data from past auctions, and that which does exist may be a decade or so out of date. One idea to get an estimate of value would be to take it to an auction house which holds specialist glass auctons and request an appraisal.

where would i get a lsit of such auctions?

Try searching Google for auctions close to you - many auction houses have websites with dates of specialist auctions and contact details.

Or there's always the good old-fashioned phone-book!  :D

Maybe you could even try emailing a member who is a relative of Roberto Moretti and asking her to take a look at your post.
She has been very helpful in the past and posted recently.,7228.0.html

That TRULY is a realistic shark. Genius glasswork.


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