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12" teal vase? - ID = Orrefors


Hello! I have a deep aqua or teal colored (bud?) vase that I would love to find out more about. I know nothing other than it's super heavy and came from my grandmother.
I'm happy to provide more photos or answer any questions that I can. Thank you in advance!

Paul S.:
Hi - Welcome to the GMB.     The stylus inscribed details on the base of your vase looks to read Orrefors - a Swedish manufacturer - though I've not yet checked what the other details might mean - it's possibly to do with the model No. etc. - regret I've no experience of this maker.                         The shape of this one might possibly be what is called a bone vase.     If you look on the screen at some of the entries for Orrefors you should find a lot of information.   

Edited to add .................  Not my area, but IMHO this looks to be an example of the Selina Vase    .............   "free blown and swung piece, the Selina series was developed from 1948 in association with W.E.S. Turner, the British glass technolgist."     I could be wrong, but likely the Opaline version is the rarest, and how many other colours were issued I've no idea.           Very nice piece - Granny obviously had good taste. 

Thank you for the fast response and great info! Yes, I love this vase and it will be with me always! The weight, shape, and color have always intrigued me. Happy to learn all that I can. 💜👍


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