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bark-patterned bulb vase - ID = Ingrid Glas

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Paul S.:
nothing, it would seem, to do with Mr. Baxter.           Some few years back, Emmi Smith included a ruby example of this shape on her Whitefriars site as being one of the many bark-effect wannabees which have caused confusion, though it appears that the actual maker remained unknown at the time - would be grateful if anyone is able to inform us if the origin is now known.    This is the first one of its kind I've seen.   

Emmi Smith included an example of a Viking bulb vase in bark-effect, though different proportions, possibly not cased in clear as is the case with these red ones and without a cut polished top rim, so would seem unlikely to be from them, but I stand to be corrected.       

This one is about 6" tall (c. 15 cm.), mould blown and with a base 'as from the mould' - lacking any pontil marks etc.              It's well made really, and a shame that we seem not to know the maker.       sorry pix not too great  -  ruby isn't the best of colours to snap.   

thanks for looking.


Ingrid Glas, Germany, I would say...
This shape is not uncommon.

Paul S.:
Michael  -  a very big thanks for the quick response - much appreciated.         To be honest I have a feeling that Emmi Smith did mention the name Ingrid somewhere - the fault is mine for not remembering.               Again, a big thanks  -  all I have to do now is find the other two shapes from your link and then I too can advertise at US $540 for the set. ;)

Request to Anne (Mod.) to have this one moved to Germany  -  thanks. :-*

Yes , VERY optimistic prizing there :)


And definitely not a bulb vase; it was made as a candle holder. That's not to say you couldn't use it for bulbs


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