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Blue bird - signed - ID = James Dodson, of Tasmania


I found this beautiful little blue and clear glass bird a few weeks ago. Heís signed on the underside but Iíve not managed to decipher the signature. I wondered if any of you knowledgable people would be kind enough to help me identify him please. Heís about 2 inches tall
With thanks

I can't make out the signature but it looks like a wren, which might help your search.

Oh yes, I think youíre right. Thank you, I shall persevere with my search

He is by James Dodson whose studio is about 5 miles South of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.  He makes birds and frogs.

This is a Corroboree Frog. The bird is a Masked Owl.  From my collection.


Thank you so much Ross. I really appreciate this. My little bird has certainly flown a long way :)


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