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unusual stoppers - ID = Lalique "Pouilly" stoppers

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Paul S.:
agree the script does look a bit northern Europe ish ...........    perhaps I was imagining they had more teeth  -  carp sounds a more likely source of a stylized fish.               Another possibility is perhaps Czechoslovakian.

flying free:
It really reminds me of Lalique perfumes like this

Some interesting bottles and finishes here as well.

I'm trying to think what maker might have done a similar effect but nothing coming to mind.

It's gorgeous.  Beautiful movement.


Mick the fish:
Thanks for the links, very interesting, the more I look at these early Lalique items the more I think these stoppers look very similar.

As you say beautiful movement.


There was a "big moment" on Antiques Roadshow when some scarce Lalique vase with green staining was found.
The person who owned it had bought the plant that was in it at a boot sale.  :)

Found a colour piccie here.

Mick the fish:
Hi Sue thanks for the link, it is a similar colour just need to find the bottles for the stoppers to go in now!!

Appreciated Mick


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