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Whitefriars tumblers?


A set of four (not six) of these tumblers belong to my charity shop.

I think they are Whitefriars as it looks similar in shape to this one.

They all have a polished pontil.

We would appreciate if anybody could tell us how old they are, which pattern number, and if they have much value?

Sorry, I forgot to measure it, I'll try tommorow if needed.  :oops:

Thanks, Tony.

There are only four tumblers, sorry, I can't count.  :oops:

They measure four and a quarter inches high.

Bernard C:
TC — These are notoriously difficult to attribute;  almost impossible without the matching jug.

For charity shop selling purposes I think you could describe them as quality hand-made Stourbridge, where the term includes waifs and strays like Birmingham (Walsh, Smart) and London (WF).

I did speculate some time ago that counting ribs might help, but am now of the opinion that the same rib dip mould salesman covered all of Europe, and made sure that every glassworks had at least one of each rib count.   If your rib count is a factor of 720 (an exact multiple of ½°), it won't help.   If it's not it won't help at present, but it will be more interesting — please always let me know, if possible with an ex-camera photograph + copyright waiver + name for acknowledgement.    Rib counts get more useful when you get differences in one piece, like 18/16 Walsh Vesta Venetian.

As for weight, the lightest tend to be WF, with Walsh and the other quality larger glass houses a close second, but this doesn't always apply.

You shouldn't have too much trouble selling them in a charity shop, as they are a delight to use.    I've got a 1+4 slightly iridescent green set in stock which I have a fairly high price on simply because we use them every now and again.

Bernard C.  8)

It weighs just under 200g. The ribs are very faint and difficult to count but there are around 17 of them.

I have posted here too.


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