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Textured mushroom vase - ID = Pukeberg


Wonder if anyone can help with an ID, please? Vase with straight-sided textured chunky shaft, smooth flared rim which is textured underneath, three distinct mould lines. It looks to me like an Iittala piece but I can't see any similar examples from an online trawl. 11cm tall with enough scuffing to the underside to suggest at least some age.

Pukeberg I think:


Very, Vert Finnish.  The top is oh so similar to Festivo.   Try trawling


Thanks, Michael, you can't argue with a label! Having looked at the piece, I maintain that it's a vase, not a candle holder as the eBay seller states. The internal diameter of the shaft is too narrow for a tealight and the depth would be useless for a candle unless you wanted to waste 9cm of the bottom.

I haven't looked at that website for quite a while, Ross, so have just spent the last hour looking through it - always good to revisit and re-acquaint myself with Finnish glass although in the case of this vase, looks to be the adjacent country.


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