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Charles Graffart Art Deco Carp for Val Saint Lambert 1934

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A big thanks to Greg who ID my blue fish. Designed by Charles Graffart for Val Saint Lambert 1934. I could be wrong but have read they are rare and only found about 6 or 7 in total.

Since finding the blue one I have found a second one which was sold only as a heavy 1960' Art fish.
They measure 9" x 9" and weigh over 3kg


 ;D They look fabulous together.
One is an example, two is a mistake - you really, really need a third to have a collection Roy.
Let's hope they do behave like busses for you.

flying free:
Important for any glass collection to have the perfect fish :)  They're gorgeous!


Completely agree --  wonderful!
I somehow missed the actual size in the previous thread, and had thought this was a rather smallish fish...


Thanks for all your replies.

The first thing I had to do like any angler was to weigh them, the blue one 3116gm and the amber one 3058gm
Sue the missing colour that I know of is clear, did they make any green ones I do not know but would love one.

Thanks Roy


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