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Murano Signature

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Been trying to figure out this signature but can't quite get it, anyone recognise it? Thanks

 :) I think it is more likely somebody will recognise the glass itself more easily than this.
Can we see it all, please?

Hi Sue,

Pic below (black cat), I thought it was by an artist called Romano Dona but the signature doesn't look the same. I've added a few pics of Romano Dona cats and it looks very similar to me so I'm stumped!?

Really very different in style.  :o
While the faces look similar, I suspect that might be because it is a fairly generic way of showing cat features. The other differences are too great, I think, to suspect the same maker.
No two cats are ever the same anyway. >^oo^<

Yes it is very different in style apart from the face as you say, so presumably not by her. Plus the few signed pieces i've seen by her have a very clear signature which obviously spells out her name, I can't even really get any letters from my one so not easy to start searching!


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