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Books - Glasmarken Lexikon, The Decanter, Caithness Paperweights on eBay


marie anne:
I have listed the following on eBay if you're interested;

- 1st edition of 'The Decanter An Illustrated History 1650-1950' by Andy McConnell eBay item number:134016576988
- Glasmarken Lexicon 1600-1945 (The bible of glass signatures, factory & trade marks between those dates) eBay item number:134016565787
- Caithness Paperweights Charlton Standard Cat. by Colin Terris 2nd edition eBay item number:133995364547 34.99 with free postage

'The Decanter' and 'Glasmarken Lexicon' have auction start prices of 49.99 which is less than half of what book dealers and buy it now listings ask for them.  The Caithness book is also priced competatively.

All part of my ongoing down-sizing.

marie anne:
Glassmarken Lexicon now reduced to 39.99 start price.

'The Decanter' has sold. 

Caithness Paperweights book still available.


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