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Sue Burne glass engraver - Graal vase

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Hello folks

I thought you might be interested in my latest engraving. It is my first Graal and went quite well I thought.

The finished vase is 20cm high and very heavy crystal.

I only collected it from the glass blower this morning and I only finished engraving it a few days ago. <--- Mod: Link dead

Best wishes

Lovely!  Congratulations, Sue!  I's very good indeed!   :D

:shock: Well done, Sue. Very nice, very nice indeed :!:

Nice, did you engrave the blank?

Thanks folks

Yes Frank I was given the embryo by the glass blower. He surprised me with it as a present. It had layers of clear, white, blue, green, red and finally black outside.

I carved through the layers like a cameo then took it back for him to put on a layer of clear and blow it.

I expected the finished bowl to have more red but the colour seems to have been fleeting. I think we'll try different makes of colour next time. The blower says they have better ones now.

It's a very heavy bowl and looks best with a strong light on it. I think we won't bother with a white inner layer on the next one I try.

But I was pleased with it for a first attempt!

I've been to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London today and drooled over all the glass there.

Best wishes



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