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Another big Sommerso vase - Seguso, but which one?


Another whopper -- around 8 kg of glass, 34 cm high.

Here is the same vase on catawiki, with an acid stamp "?? C Seguso Murano" (unfortunately the first letters are not discernable):

I have checked the Seguso Vetri d'Arte book, but it is not shown.

Archimede Seguso made Sommerso pieces in this colourway (I have one ;D ), but I have never seen this mark before.

Any other Segusos I could check?


Pity the link expired. It is nearly impossible to tell with Sommerso as SvDA and Seguso made similar pieces. According to someone I read here about a year ago, sommerso is one of the most copied pieces out there.
I collect A.Seguso and I have not seen one like this. On checking my books page 177 of Murano Glass Themes and Variations has a 33.5cm sommerso vase by SvDA but the top appears pulled out and thinner, rather than oval like yours. If it's genuine I would go with SvDA.

Hi Ardy,

thanks a lot for your reply! :)

The link to the finished catawiki listing works perfectly fine for me, maybe you didn't scroll down to the details at the bottom of the page? There are some very good big pics of the vase...
Have you ever seen this acid stamp before?

Looking through the Seguso vdA book, most of the massive pieces there seem to have a much more delicate rim. And the shape is not in the book either; Archimede Seguso would surely be another possibility, but then I wonder about the uncommon Seguso mark.

I will post two of my A. Seguso pieces in a similar colourway in a new thread... (For comparison and for show ;) )



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