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Ariel Bowl? Scandinavian? - ID = Hadeland, Willy Johansson

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Hello everyone.
Been a while since I have posted here, but found this little bowl along with my other glass and saw it was signed.
Looks like it is an Ariel design, with very tiny signature.
Any thoughts on the designer would be appreciated.
Thank you

Hadeland, Willy Johansson.
Very nice! :)

Link to a similar piece:
With some info.


Thank you very much!

I should have read your post before looking it up to get the correct spellings, Michael.  ;D
Is this Ariel though, or air trap?  ???

By air trap do you mean where the indents are made by pressing the hot glass into a mould, rather than cooling and sandblasting ? If so Id suggest air trap, as more efficient.
You can find some other similar Hadeland bits here:


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