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Forgotten history of East London glass blowing explored by arts group


I picked up this story from Jan 2022 by chance whilst looking for something else, and thought it might be of interest to members in the London area

Forgotten history of East London glass blowing explored by arts group
An arts collective run out of a disused post office is seeking revive the forgotten trade of glassmaking in Tower Hamlets.

flying free:
' The Thames Plate Glass Company operated in the Leamouth area in the 19th century. At the time, it was the only plate-glass manufacturer in Southern England.

Plate-glass making was one of the few heavy industries to give employment to women. At times, the Thames Plate Glass Company had a workforce of around forty per cent women.'

40% women on it's workforce in the 19th century.  That was quite something.

Very interesting.  Thanks for posting this :)

A very interesting read, and from my old neck of the woods. I grew up in East London. I moved from London 20 years ago, but it is good to see things like this, and that they repurposed the old Post Office to do this is great.

I also have to agree with Flying Free, the history from the 19th century and that nearly half the workforce was women was amazing.
Thank you for sharing :)

Editing to add, I forgot, I already follow them on Facebook, but with Facebook's algorithms, I rarely see any of their posts, I will have to see if I can change the follow settings to see more from them.


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