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Cambridge Etch 275 Sandwich Tray

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This is the oval version approx. 12" x 10". Dates probably from the 1930's but possibly very late 20's.

Hi, is it acid etched? The textured background looks similar to that on flying free’s bowl (not saying they are linked other than possibly the method of etching),71075.0.html

A closer photo of the etching would be interesting for comparison if possible, thanks.

The etching is plate acid etching, pattern E725:

Good description of the plate etching process from a Cambridge Glass Company brochure: The ‘special type of transfer paper’ was imported from England.

Thanks for that Ekimp, I was just going to research how it was done, it's a pretty complex process. I've found this pattern was known as "Florentine" dated only as "depression era".

Hope I didn’t spoil your fun  :) I wonder what happened to all the radioactive sludge in the acid tank!


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