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Small striped, gold, black and green bottle-Italian?

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Can anyone help me with this piece? Ive had nothing like this before.
I bought a huge load of glass today as all the usual dealers were away.
This was just one in a box of many types of green glass.
Thanks David
My only though was that it was probably Italian. Am I close?

Nice little piece, Italian just like you guessed, circa 1980s. The shiny stripes are aventurine.


I have seen a good number of these listed on ebay in the last year, like almost too many, which made me think they might be something rather recent, seeing items in large numbers all at the same time has that effect on me. They come in a number of different color combinations, with a stopper.

See if this bottle, which still has its paper label on it is anything like yours, if so, then you are likely missing your stopper. --- Mike


Here is another, which also has a brand new looking label on it.


Thanks Mike and Ivo for your responses. Looks like I made some fairly poor choices at auction today, though my youngest daughter has taken a shine to this piece. Illl put some of the other pieces on later to see if ive found anything more interesting.

I have an almost identical one which is certainly more than 20 years old, also with aventurine. It does not have a stopper and I doubt it ever had.


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