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Mdina Sculpture, Help Please


Hello, this piece has a Mdina sticker on it but I've not been able to find any information or anything similar by Mdina online. The only sculpture like pieces I see are freeform knots. It has rough grey stone included on the front. Any information much appreciated.

Adding base picture...

Can I assume the sticker is plastic, not paper? :)
These are much more recent than the original "knot" sculptures, but the ones I have seen seem to have the same or very similar textures to the early textured bottles - I assume they are reusing the old moulds. But I can't see from your pics what the texture actually is - not well enough to match it up to anything.  ::)
I don't know whether the grey stone inclusions are an accident or deliberate, but you could try writing to the factory to ask? I think they'd be able to tell you more than I can.

Thank you


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