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edinburgh glassworks--midlothian


Can anyone (Frank maybe ?) help me help a friend identify the factory that would sign their glass as "edinburgh glassworks--midlothian" ?

Unfortunately she doesn't have a photograph of her piece, but just to confuse I'm told that it's identical to a piece currently on Ebay - which has a Czech sticker on ! (see picture).

I'm aware the Edinburgh Crystal is/was in Midlothian, but this doesn't look like anything of theres that I can find on the net - and the Czech connection ?


No idea!

I doubt Edinburgh Crystal would use such a signature so the chances are it is one of the many small studios that pop up and disappear in the tradition of Scottish glassworks. I would be interested in seeing the piece, many pieces described 'identical' are often quite different and from different places when seen so a photo is essential. If it is Scottish the technique used may strike a chord. Once this project HERE gets moving I am sure it will be resolved.

A possible solution in this post which refers to a second glassworks in the area...,2879.0.html

Perhaps you could follow up via the college?

thanks Frank, only just spotted the reply - I'll give it a go and report back if I get any success

There is some more information on the link between Edinburgh Crystal and Czechoslovakia on this thread.,5301.0.html


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