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Bagley 3098 vs Libochovice 1880-1884

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Hello All,

I am not sure if this has been asked before. I have sourced a set, which looks like the Bagley 3098 for pots and candlesticks. But the large tray is Libochovice pattern 1880.

Then I look at the patterns for pots and they are the same, am I right?

But the candlesticks are different patterns.

I am not sure if the one I souced is Libochovice or Bagley or just mixed up.

Any comments?

Cheers, Peter

Also, I forgot to mention that the ring tree looks the same as Bagley 3098. Maybe Bagley sold the pattern of 3098 to Libochovice? I am not sure, any comments?

Years ago I bought a set in Amber glass (missing the ring holder), exactly as you describe with the Libochovice large tray and Bagley pots and candlesticks.  I found them all together, in a charity shop.

Perhaps incorrectly I've always thought of them as being Bagley (not a mixture) because of the perfect colour match of the pieces and because Bagley's Amber glass has it's wonderful golden orange shade.  I don't think that colour was duplicated by any other maker?

Here is a link to a previous post of mine. Angels Bowie in her 4th. book actually refers to the Libochovice pieces as "copies",69772.0.html

Thanks for the links Nev.

It looks like a bit of a mystery as to who copied whom and when?  In which case shouldn't we accept what is shown in the catalogue images as the correct identification, at least originally?  Although, having said that, I realise that would make my previous assumption of a Bagley I.D for my set with a "Libochovice" large tray, wrong.  Even though it matched the colour of the pots and candlesticks perfectly.

I'll add some new photos of the Libochovice candlesticks.  Looking at the one on the 1880-1884 set, I can see it was taken as my previous camera was coming to the end of its life and the photos getting darker and fuzzy.  I'll try tomorrow if it's sunny.


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