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I recently found a carnival glass vase that was described as a donut bowl. There's a similar style vase on ebay that is described as a melon ribbed vase. like to find out some more information on this style and when it was produced, if anyone can provide a bit more information.

David E:
Janine, if you edit your post and include the word 'Carnival' into the 'Subject' field this should alert the right people. Glen hopefully.

Possibly add 'Australian' too, as Cathy B has tons of these types of vases.  :lol:

Many thanks David and Della.

Coincidentally we discussed these vases a few weeks ago.,2287.0.html

The vase is known as a "Melon Rib" vase, and is one of a range of similarly shaped marigold (and some other Carnival colours) vases. They have been given the collective pattern name "Melon Rib" despite variations in the shape, height, width etc.

The maker is not currently confirmed (imho). An entire display of these kind of vases were on display on the Crown Crystal (Australia) stand at the 1938 Sydney Show. A photo of the stand is shown in "Carnival Glass of Australia". The vases are mainly found in Australia, although they do (rarely) turn up elsewhere.

I suspect they were made in Europe - but I am not able to confirm the maker yet. The eBay one you show also has a label, which is nice. The "Suprima" label has been seen on the vases before, and I suspect it was an importer's or wholesaler's label - but I do not have proof of that. Just a hunch.


I'm adding this in a fresh post rather than editing my previous reply (above). In going back over the thread that I linked to, I noticed something I didn't see previously, and that was a link that Della gave to an old thread where Cathy Bannister had posted about her Melon Rib vases. (Della - I think I must have skim read the posts and not realised you gave a live link  :shock: doh!)

Cathy seems to have some evidence of mould production at Crown Crystal for some of the large vases. I've not seen this before and would love to find out more. To add to my current feelings re. production of some of these vases in Europe, I would add that I have seen what I believe is catalogue evidence.

Of course it is always possible that a proportion were imported (probably the smaller ones) and then the larger versions (and there are some HUGE examples) were copied and made in Australia.

There's no doubt that this is a complex and not immediately solvable issue. The one thing that we can say with clear, "no worries", fact - the vase is called MELON RIB.  :D



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