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Kosta, pink bowl, Mona Morales-Schildt

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Not the typical Scandinavian piece:
powder pink hotworked bowl, partially translucent, diameter 18 cm, height 12 cm.

Mona Morales

I couldn't find anything similar online; is this a production piece or sort of a unikat? When was it made?
Does the fact that it is "signed" Mona Morales (withouth the "Schildt", and instead of the designer code) indicate something?
What does the number refer to?

Thanks for any help :)

I do not think signature on this is genuine - the dotted appearance(as created by a dremel) is not consistent with genuine Kosta signing

Thank you, that is an interesting idea, i would have never thought of that.
I bought the bowl for a few Euros in a charity shop some years ago, so I usually don't expect to find "fake" marks there.

I would still think that it is a genuine piece; while googling for Morales' work for Kosta I found so many different styles of marks made with different tools, that the mark on this one doesn't seem totally out of place (some links at the bottom of this post).

Here is a mark on a Ann Wärff (Wolff) bowl which should date from appr. the same period, which (to me) looks quite similarly "dotted" -- and in addition has the same positioning along the margin of the pontil mark:

Another thing I noticed in my searches is that almost any designer for Kosta during the 1970s/80s seems to have designed similarly shaped bowls (high and rounded, with applied base).
Also, the base finish with the central circular polished pontil mark is perfectly consistent; so is the overall quality.

I have marks on some Scandinavian glass pieces in my collection (Riihmäki, Iittala) which look like the work of a child with a chisel, so this mark seems rather professional in my eyes.

But you never know... Which would lead to the question -- who else could have made / designed it then?


Apparently she stopped using Schildt after her divorce in 1964. I would guess the signature was added by one of the workers in the workshop.

None of the examples you have given are signed with the same tool as yours. I have seen many fake signatures purporting to be Kosta that can be very convincing to the untrained eye and have fooled big auction houses and other online retailers including Sweden's version of eBay. As a collector if I saw this offered for sale my doubts are strong enough that I would pass it by.


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