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little spatter vase - ID = Will Shakspeare Glass

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Steve in Cumbria:
Hi all.

I'm the first to admit, that at the ripe old age of 67, this "art glass" lark is all pretty new to me. I'm trying to learn as I go, so if anyone has any useful comments re this little spatter(?) vase, that I picked up in a charity shop at the weekend, I'd be most grateful.

Clear glass, with dark red spatter, not fully integrated into the clear class, so has a rather "textured",  finish, with the red bits very slightly raised.

Measures approx 13cm high, 8cm across the top, and 3.5cm across the ground base.

Original labels are long gone, but the base has the residue of a rectangular label, and the rim has the sticky residue of an oval label, approx 2cm wide, which I'd guess was the manufacturer.

TIA, Steve

Mdina Malta?

Steve in Cumbria:
Quite possibly. I did find another one, similar shape but different colourway, but no attribution to the maker unfortunately:

Hi, the vase in your link is by Will Shakspeare, the gallery is selling his work. If you go back to the previous page you can see the other pieces:

You can have hours of entertainment investigating a charity shop purchase :)

Steve in Cumbria:
Thank you. Yes, I understand now, and have emailed them for possible confirmation, or otherwise. I'll let you know.

Good fun, this detective game  :D


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