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Carlo Moretti Apothecary Jar plus paper label - for interest


Anne E.B.:
Recent buy - a 1960s Carlo Moretti Apothecary jar with lid plus its original paper label :)
Ive got a small collection of his pencil vases, so it makes a nice addition.  If I get time, I'll post them together.

That's a lovely colour Anne, and great to see the label on it still too. I have a peacock blue dimpled jar in that style, but without a lid sadly. I doubt mine is Moretti, more likely to be something cheap and cheerful!  ;D

Anne E.B.:
Cobalt blue? 
Here are my pencil vases too.  I did have a couple of his bowls many years ago and regret very much not keeping them!  I think they were black with white interiors ::)

Those are lovely!


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