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Footed studio glass PB, unusual stopper - ID = Bob Crooks

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Any suggestions about this bottle? Some measurements: bottle without stopper 10 cm high; bottle with stopper 14.5 cm; bottle 8 cm diameter; base c.5.5 cm across.

The stopper is deliberately raised up like that. The part of the stopper inside the bottle has been ground to make it frosted. The exposed part has been left untouched. I can't make out the signature except that the first letter seems to be a C. The second picture of the signature has been colour manipulated to (perhaps) enhance readability.

Any help to make an identification is appreciated.


Bob Crooks might be worth comparing.

I think you might be right. I checked the signatures on four pieces by Bob Crooks that I have here at home and three of them seem to match - if you turn my picture upside down! What I thought was a C isn't.

I did look at your signature picture both ways around, as I wasn't sure. Bob Crooks signature is hard to decipher what ever way you look at it!

You were spot on. It's definitely Bob Crooks. The PB is on his web site. The design is called Funtime.


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