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Green swirls PW, can't make out signature


I can't make out the signature on this paperweight. It has very large bubbles in the design. 8 cm high, 7.5 cm maximum diameter. The first picture of the signature shows the first name best; the second picture shows the surname best. It was purchased in the UK. Thanks for your suggestions.

Guessing here, the first name looks like Valerie, the second could be Allan or Allen or something ending ion.
Tracing the first letter out feels like the structure of a large small a, rather than the capital letter A.

Thanks Sue. I went through the same permutations - Valerie, Allen, Ollion. Then I noticed that the send letter in the first name possibly was an i.  ???

The weight itself looks a bit like Uredale.
The dot in the first word is odd. There isn't a dot above what would be the i in Valerie. ???

Thanks Sue. I have contacted Uredale Glass for their opinion.


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