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Orrefors, Sven Palmqvist, #3579/6 vases in some very tall sizes.

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I found a little information that this shape was only available in 135mm, 180m, and 225mm heights when it was introduced in 1956.

It seems the range was increased in height. The two tallest vases pictured here are a whopping 340mm tall, and the smallest 260mm.

I don't suppose anyone is familiar with them?

hiya Nic!  :)
I think I had a small grey one, once. So not completely unfamiliar. ;)

Hullo Sue!

These larger ones seem to be quite elusive. The only ones I've found so far were on the cover of a booklet called 'Orrefors 100 Śr':

I don't think I've seen any others, not even small ones. If you're looking at/for glass they do stand out a bit, because of the slightly unusual gentle tapering from base to rim.
I found mine several long years ago, but passed it on.  :)

I bought these about 5-6 years ago with some really very lovely and also very tall Ingeborg Lundin hourglass vases, and for some reason these ones ended up in storage. They've got a very nice organic feel to them - especially the slightly wonky rims.


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