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Whitefriars-esque turquoise bark vase... ID = Tajima, Japan


Steve in Cumbria:
Hi all.

I picked up this vase today, and am unsure of the maker.

I'ts turquoise at the top, but seems to darken lower down, cased in clear, with a bark texture. Rectangular, measuring approx 7" high x 3" x 2".

Base is ground flat. Plenty of signs of base wear, so not a new piece.

Any suggestions?

TIA, Steve

 :) And some iridesence? These are Japanese, I believe. I can't remember the name of the company. I want to say Hinari, but that might be because I can't think of any others.  :-[

Steve in Cumbria:
Thanks Sue :-)

Not Hinari, but a look at other Japanese makers reveals that it's Tajima.

Thanks for the pointer.


Team-work. :)


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