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Spikey cased blue bowl


Hello Y'all, I'm taking your kind advice and putting my mystery items on one at a time, apologies to anyone who's already seen them.  Picked this bowl up a couple of weeks ago.  It measures 15cms in height, base is flat with faint sunray pattern. I've had one suggestion of "Chinese" could be, but very nice any way I think, what do the other experts think? It has a very metallic ring when pinged! See, I've got all the technical terms!



Hi Gill,
It was the blue vase that I thought could be chinese....  :oops:
Glad you decided to post individually, the answers can't be confused then.

Chalet, Canada? Maybe?

IMHO It looks like an attractive modern piece to me.  Does it have any base wear particularly?

Yes there is a fair bit of wear to the base, Gill


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