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Georgian/Regency revival glasses... ID = St Louis Crystal, France

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Steve in Cumbria:
Hi all.

I picked up this pair of glasses at the weekend, and I believe them to be Georgian/Regency revival, c1900-1910. However, my knowledge in this area is a bit sketchy, and I'd really appreciate confirmation, or any comments you may have. In particular, any idea of where they may have been made, or by whom?

Approx 5" high x 3" across the rim, and 3⅛" across the foot. Weights are 270g and 274g. Good quality metal with no appreciable colour tinge, and just a couple of tiny bubbles, but nothing of any significance. Nice ping when tapped.

I've seen other glasses, of a similar ilk, but never ones quite so extensively cut; those facet cut knopped stems are beautiful. I hope the photos are clear enough, but if more are wanted, just ask - happy to oblige  :)

TIA, Steve

Steve in Cumbria:

Since posting, I've continued researching. In addition to my earlier thoughts, I felt these had an Irish feel to them, so have been concentrating on the obvious, i.e, Waterford, and to a lesser extent, Tyrone. Not a current pattern, but I've just stumbled across this, which I am now sure is them:

Steve in Cumbria:
Just been reading up on Waterford's history, and realised that the date has to be wrong, as Waterford weren't producing glass at that time   >:(

The research goes on. Anyone got any ideas?

Just because the seller got the dates wrong does not mean they are not Waterford, the seller also states that some are signed so assuming no porky pies you are on the right track. The pattern is very similar to Waterford's Castleton but without some of the horizontal bands.

I have some Waterford tumblers and they are not signed on the base as per usual but on one of the cut facets low down on the body of the glass, even though I know each is marked it can still be very hard to find them.


Steve in Cumbria:
Hi John.

No, I'm not doubting that they are Waterford, though having been all over them with a good magnifying glass, I'm 99% sure they're not marked.

It's the date that's puzzling me; if 1900 cannot be right, and assuming I'm reading the history correctly, it's either pre 1851, or post 1947. I feel it should be easy enough to exclude one or the other, yet I'm struggling.


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