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Davidson 589/2 style bowls

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Gwion James:
I have a pair of 'folded' bowls identical to the cloud Sowerby or Davidson 589/2 pattern but in plain dark amber glass. Can anyone tell me if mine are likely to be early 60s and fairly directly attributable to the Design Research Unit template - or was this widely pirated by many makers and for many years after? Thanks for looking.

David E:
I also have a few of these: red, blue, amber, purple cloud, but have always thought of them as Sowerby, c.1960. I'm not aware of any other copies, but Chris or Adam might be able to comment further.

I've just mailed Chris.

To the best of our knowledge these were made only by Davidson and Sowerby, although it would not surprise me to find another manufacturer.

If your bowls are in amber, then I think Sowerby is the most likely maker of the two.



Anne E.B.:
I recently had an amber one with a Sowerby label on it.

I agree with Chris.  This is such an inexpensive mould to make, requiring virtually no hand work, almost anyone could have copied it.  The glassmaking needed is not exactly state of the art either!

Adam D.


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