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Czechoslov marking on Amber Bowl - ID = Hermanova/Stölzle



I did a quick search on here, but couldn't find a match for the item I've recently acquired, so I thought I'd ask the hive mind.

Just wondering if anyone would know what it is, a time period and who may have made it.

Any help appreciated.

From the Hermanova/Stölzle company made in Czechoslovakia. It's not in the catalogue on the CD which accompanies Marcus Newhall's book on Czech glass but it's from the same suite as the vase, No.18888, in this photo. Probably 1930's.

Thanks kindly.  :)

flying free:
Just bumping this as the mark I thought might be unusual in that it's Czechoslov.  There are some other pieces on the board also marked Czechoslov so there might be a possible link?


I think the amber bowl is definitely Stolzle, the "Czechoslov" mark on the pieces would seem to be a good pointer but it might just be coincidental. I've checked my other Stolzle pieces but none are marked.


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